Ancestral Libation Ceremony

Slave Commemoration Scroll

On February 12, 2011, we celebrated our ancestors at a fantastic libation ceremony held at St. John Baptist Church in Columbia, MD. We had a terrific turnout and everyone mingled in African garb, had light drinks and snacks and enjoyed the music from the live band. We watched a “Tribute to Our Ancestors” DVD slideshow developed by our President Alice Harris that turned out to be so popular, we now offer copies for those who make a $20 chapter donation. The DVD is a compilatin of members, friends, documents, songs and activities that captures the journey of our ancestors from Africa to America.

Before the ceremony, we had collected names of our enslaved ancestors and they were printed on the large “scroll”.  Another highlight was the actual blessing and libation ceremony which was performed by a young woman trained in African spiritual practices. Our members also set up tables with information about their research, African artifacts, and other items relevant to african-american history. It was an emotional and wonderful day. It was empowering to see the fruits of our research and we know the ancestors appreciate that we indeed remember them.

Here are a few more pictures, but because we hired a professional photographer, you can also view over 100 more at our Shutterfly account. Use the password: serengeti9800.


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