Writers Forum

 On October 1, 2011, CMAAGHS sponsored a Writers Forum featuring a panel discussion by expereinced wrters/genealogists Louis Diggs, Ruth Toliver, Marion Woodfork Simmons and Marvin T. Jones. We had a terrific turnout as the panel discussed their varying experiences publishing books (both hardbound and e-copies) & newspaper articles, building webpages, journaling, documenting local history, blogging and podcasting.

As genealogists, we often spend years researching our family histories. The next step is to document and share it so that our descendants will benefit from all of our hard work. Members were able to pose questions and get answers on the process of writing history. The panelists were encouraging and shared tips on how to get started and the challenges they faced. Our members walked away ready to take the next step in recording their research for posterity.

More on our Panelists:

Recent article on Louis Diggs research efforts

Marion Woodfork Simmons blog on local history research

Marvin Jones website on Chowan local history

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