Union High School of Caroline County, VA

Marion Woodfork-Simmons

Marion Woodfork-Simmons gave a terrific lecture at our third meeting this past Saturday, May 22. Marion has decided to write a book about the segregated black high school, Union High School, located in Caroline County, VA where one branch of her her ancestors migrated from. Her talk, entitled “Researching, Documenting & Preserving Local History” shared some of the things she has learned while undertaking this project. She provided tools, tips and resources on everything from selecting a topic, organizing your research, doing oral history interviews, analyzing the data and working with photographs and memorabilia. Her book will be a valuable contribution to local African-American history, and something we should all consider doing in some way–even if not a full-scale book, perhaps an article about a local black church or cemetery. Everyone at the meeting came away inspired, and it was a great meeting! The local paper recently ran a story about her efforts.

Old Union High: Courtesy Mrs. Marguerite David Jackson

Marion hosts a website where she provides information for those researching ancestors in Caroline County, VA and she also hosts a blog on researching local history.

Marion recommending the “Pixl Fixl” website for affordable photo restoration services.


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